Night of Fear: Jews Attacked by Israeli Arabs Across Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s absolutely insane what’s going on in Israel. Israeli Arabs are attacking Jews throughout the country as Hamas sends rockets from Gaza.

Israel Arabs Attack Jews all throughout Israel

Anti-Israel protests have been taking place in the Israeli cities of Lod, Ramla, Natzrat, Haifa, and more. Arabs have stoned a bus on the streets of the Israeli city of Ramla. They placed burning tires on road 40 outside the city of Lod and then stone the cars that stop. They did this all as joint protest/celebration with Hamas shooting rockets at Jerusalem. These Israel Arabs do not represent all Arab Muslims, but they do represent a large public that can’t be ignored.

You can see the video of Israel Arabs trying to lynch a Jew driving through the Arab village of Kfar Kana. Thank G-d, his life was saved by some righteous Arabs. Arabs also attacked and lit a Synagogue on fire in Ramla. They also attacked a police station in Kfar Manda. They attacked Jewish cars on the street in Lod. These examples of violence are just that: Only a few examples. There are tons of cases of Arabs throwing stones at Jewish cars up North and down South. There are tons of cases of Jews being attacked in Arab East Jerusalem. The problem is the genocidal, ideological, religious agenda to kill Jews and destroy Israel. And that exists within a large population of Israeli Arab Muslims as well, not only Hamas or Palestinian Arabs. The media slams Israel instead of condemning the constant violence and rocket attacks from the Arabs.

Too many good-hearted Jews and Israelis still believe “if only we don’t live in Judea and Samaria, then…” or “if only we don’t live in Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, then…” And then there is “if only we don’t visit the Temple Mount, then…” What about this one? “If only we don’t March through Damascus Gate.” And then this: “If only we destroy all 21 Jewish communities in Gaza and expel 10,000 Jews from their homes.” That didn’t work, and neither does anything else. The list just goes on and on. Appeasement not only doesn’t help, it is a recipe for empowering our enemies to continue to escalate the conflict!

The conflict has nothing to do with land. No matter how good we are to our neighbors, there are many of them who don’t want us here at all, no matter where we live or march. The irony is that if you ask Israeli Arab Muslim citizens if they prefer to be citizens under the Palestinian Authority, they say no way. They know life for them is much better living as Israeli citizens. Yet, they still support the destruction of Israel. Not all of them but enough that we can’t ignore it.

None of this is logical or relates to human rights. It is a religious conflict. Israel gives freedom and equality to all citizens, including Arab Muslims, yet it makes no difference.

Israel is not perfect. But it does not deserve the negative spotlight that it always gets. How much more violence and terror do we have to experience before enough Jews/Israelis wake up to the reality of our situation?

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