2 Israelis Killed From Hamas Rockets – One Just Now in Direct Hit On A Building In The South

by David Mark

What started as the culmination of the arab Ramadan war against the Jewish people’s rights in Jerusalem has now literally exploded into a full blown conflict between Israel and the arabs in Gaza and the arabs street in Jerusalem and across Israel. After more than 500 rockets fired on Israel from Gaza, there have been countless injuries and now 2 killed in Ashkelon.

The initial rocket barrage fired at Jerusalem yesterday at 6pm hit a number of suburbs surrounding the capital and sent Knesset Members into safe rooms. In response the Prime Minister ordered the IAF and IDF to attack Gaza as school was cancelled for Tuesday up to 80 km fro the Gaza Strip.

Hamas had been using the coming evictions of illegal arab squatters in the Shimon Hatzaddik (Sheik Jarrah) neighborhood as well as recent purchases by Jews of Arab homes in the Shiloach (Silwan) as an excuse for violent riots in Jerusalem. The salvo of rockets was understood to be a play for garnering support across the arab street and while it appears to have worked in the short term, the final result may not be what it expects.

With more than 500 rockets fired upon Israeli civilian areas as well as widespread arab pogroms across Israel, the Jewish State appears to be engulfed in a serious conflict – one that may not end anytime soon.

Coalition Talks Between Bennet-Lapid And Arabs Fall Apart

For Netanyahu the timing of the current round of fighting couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time. According to reports, the Bennet-Lapid coalition talks were nearly concluded as the arab party Ra’am had agreed to support it from the outside – that is until the violence in Jerusalem and the rocket attacks began. Ra’am’s leader Mansour Abbas broke off contacts with Bennett over the spiraling conflict ending the hope that a “Change Coalition” would see the end of Netanyahu’s tenure as Prime Minister.

As rocket attacks increase and the feeling war begins to set in, strikes are expected to go deeper into Israel at a time when the country’s political echelon is more divided than unified.

The fact is, in times of crisis, Israelis are loathe to replace a sitting Prime Minister with the experience to steer both the military conflict and the international diplomatic one. No one else in Israel right now appears to be adept at doing both. With the potential for the current conflict to increase in scope, Netanyahu’s shaky control over the reigns of power in Israel appears to have been given extra life.

Biden’s Gamble To Unseat Bibi From Within Fails

The overt antagonism from the Biden administration against Israel’s response to the violent riots sweeping the country from arab sector and the denial of the Jewish nation’s sovereign rights in Jerusalem’s eastern neighborhoods has been clear for all to see. Netanyahu’s rebuffing of the US on its stance not only once again raises his stature in the eyes of the Israeli street, but calls into question the real motives behind the potential Bennett-Lapid coalition. There is no doubt that Bibi’s future as Israel’s prime minister is coming to a close, but the Bennett-Lapid backhanded attempt to wrest it from him has not gained the sort of traction necessary – especially with the current crisis.

There will no doubt be a leader who rises, but it will not be someone who is willing to trade ideology for what they call unity. Israelis are undeniably rightwing and traditional. Prime Minister Netanyahu understands this and it is what has kept him in power for so long. For now the Biden administration’s attempt to unseat Israel’s longest serving Prime Minister has only made him stronger.

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