Muslims Cause Massive Fire on Temple Mount yet Blame the Jews

by Avi Abelow

Nothing surprises me anymore. However, this time, I must admit, I was surprised. As you can see in the following video, I was an eyewitness to an event that received worldwide media and social media attention, bashing the Jews! As I was witnessing the fire on the Temple Mount I had no clue it would turn into a massive Jew-hating event across the world. Follow the event as it unfolded to see the truth.

I was celebrating Jerusalem day with my son at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount with thousands of other Jews, young and old. We were singing and dancing for hours, even after the event was officially canceled because of the massive Hamas rocket attack on Israel and Jerusalem, that shut down the city.

After dancing for hours on the Western Wall plaza we left the celebrations to go home. As we exited the plaza we heard fireworks on the top of the Temple Mount, so I turned my camera to film it. Understand, while fireworks are usually used for celebrations, here in Israel our Arab Muslim neighbors also use them daily as a weapon to shoot at Jews and Jewish buildings, as just happened the other night on the Mount of Olives. This time too, the Arab Muslims on the Temple Mount were shooting the fireworks to hurt the Jews celebrating below on the Western Wall Plaza. Yet, instead of the fireworks going over the wall and hurting the Jews, the fireworks caused one of the trees on the Temple Mount to go up in flames. Again, I caught this all live on film as it was developing as my son and I were leaving the Western Wall area to return home.

At the time, I knew that a fire on the Temple Mount would turn into a news item, but I had no clue that our enemies would turn it into a horrendous antisemitic news item, that would be spread all over the world.

Hundreds of millions of people are being exposed to a modern blood libel, attacking Jews for singing and dancing celebrating Jerusalem, and instead, telling the world that we were celebrating the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

What the media and antisemitic social media warriors all conveniently ignore is that the Arab Muslims launched the fireworks to harm the Jews celebrating below! Yet, instead it caused the fire to the tree on the Temple Mount.

Regarding the song, it is a Biblical verse about Samson that celebrates the Jewish people overcoming their biblical enemies called the Phlishtim. It is a song sung a lot and it was sung multiple times during the day at the Western Wall celebrations, no connection with the fire on the Temple Mount. While some people today replace the word “Phlistim” with the word “palestine”, that is because they understand that the cause called “palestine” is a Jew-hating cause with the goal of destroying Israel and murdering Jews, with no interest in living peacefully side by side with the Jewish state of Israel. Hence all those who use violence against us in the name of “palestine” are an enemy that need to be beaten just like the biblical Phlistim. While some people might be uncomfortable hearing Jews sing the song in this way, it is the truth that too many people prefer to ignore and whitewash. It does not mean that every Arab who self-identifies as a palestinian Arab today is an enemy of the Jewish people. However, it does mean that anyone who self-identifies as a palestinian Arab and supports the destruction of Israel and the killing Jews is an enemy. So long as they continue to try to kill and hurt us, we will continue spreading the truth and justice of the Jewish people, even with singing this song.

Of course, a popular British television show saw the misleading story and wanted to run with it. I contacted the TV program telling them that if they wanted the truth then they could contact me. They didn’t. No surprise there. It is only news if they can bash the Jews. I have no clue whether they ran the incorrect story or not.

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