Arabs attack Jewish homes next to the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world

by Leah Rosenberg

The oldest Jewish cemetery in the world is on the Mount of Olives. It existed before Islam was even a thought. And the Arab Muslims in the neighborhood, right next to the cemetary, have no respect.

Arabs Attack Homes Next to Oldest Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish community of Maale Hazeitim (Olive Heights) is right next to the cemetary, surrounded by an Arab neighborhood.

The first video above was taken from inside one of the Jewish home in the Maale Hazeitim neighborhood under attack. The second video was filmed by the Arabs themselves, on the street, who were attacking the Jewish homes.

Jews who live on the Mount of Olives are heroes. They are willing to endure this suffering to hold on to the land that belongs to the Jewish people. They won’t move despite the safety concerns. Living next to the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world is something unique. How the world can say that it is illegal for Jews to live in “East Jerusalem”, right next to the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world, boggles the mind.

The Jews inside their home are asking where are the police? Why can the Arabs freely throw rocks and fireworks without repercussions? Rocks and fireworks damage the homes of innocent Jews. And they can also injure people. Peaceful people don’t play with things like that.

But none of this ever gets the media’s attention. The world sides with the Arabs throwing fireworks and rocks instead of with the Jews peacefully living in their homes. The only name for that is antisemitism. There is no other answer for why the world stands by silently as Jews are attacked in their ancient homeland, in the one city in the world most connected to the Jewish people, Jerusalem.

Arab Incitement
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