The most unexplainable event in the history of warfare

by Phil Schneider

The Six Day War shocked everyone in the world. Jews in Israel and Arabs who attacked Israel – both expected a massive bloodbath where as many as tens of thousands of Jewish people would be killed. One of the largest parks in Tel-Aviv was prepared to be a mass cemetery. The entire country became the front-lines. Fear was rampant. Massive fundraising campaigns took place all over the world to “give as you never gave before.” The concern that yet another Holocaust could happen in the State of Israel was real and not exaggerated. But then, the impossible happened. In less than one week, everything changed.

The Israeli Army was used to fighting in small skirmishes near it’s borders. It had not been known for being particularly strong. But on the very first day of the War, Israel took a huge gamble and sent nearly all of it’s Air Force to knock out the Air Forces of it’s surrounding enemies. Egypt, Syria and Jordan had all signed a pact that merged all of it’s Armies under one Central Command. The match that lit the war was when Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran – essentially blockading all Israeli shipping from the South. This was recognized by everyone familiar with the State of Israel as a declaration of War.

Following two weeks of incessant worries and internal debates, Israel decided to preempt the Arab attack with their own Air Force. Israel expected at least 10-20% of it’s Air Force to be knocked out – probably more. But, they thought it would still be preferable to have air superiority than to fight tank battles without air cover. What happened on that fateful morning when Israel’s Air Force attacked was so staggering that Israel basically insured that they would win the war due to air cover. But, despite this, not only did the Egyptians and Syrians still shoot and invade towards Israel, Jordan entered a war that was basically a lost cause.

Egyptian dictator Nasser called up King Hussein of Jordan and implored and demanded that Hussein join in the War. Had Hussein refused, Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria would have continued to be occupied by the Jordanians. But Jordan attacked and forced Israel to fight back. That is how Jerusalem entered the fray.

This excellent short Jerusalem Day video displays some of the myriad of miracles that occurred in those fateful six days. George Will brilliantly explained that the thunderclap that the Six Day War brought with it destroyed the idea of Holocaust as aspiration and enhanced the physical and spiritual well-being of the Jewish people. Israel has won many wars. But the Six Day War was different than any other. There has never been a more clear miracle than those momentous days in June 1967.

Dr. Risch

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