Jew Survives Lynch Outside The Old City Walls

by David Mark

A Jewish driver was attacked by bricks and rocks while driving near the Lions Gate of the Old City causing his car to crash and nearly flip over. The arab attackers then attempted to pull him from the car and lynch him until an Israeli police officer came and chased them away, saving the young man’s life.

The above near lynch is just another example of out of control arab violence spurred on by radicalized youth, foreign influence and a weak disorganized response by the Israeli security forces. Roaming gangs of arabs have been increasing their attacks on Jews in and around the Old City as well as within the Shimon Hatzaddik (Sheik Jarrah) neighborhood and the Shiloach (Silwan). The response over Ramadan by the Israeli police and security forces has been weak and disorganized, focusing more on arresting attackers instead cutting off the flow of support the attacks have from within “palestinian” arab society.

Daniel Luria, Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim who works to redeem Jewish property in eastern Jerusalem said the following in response to the growing violence:

In Jerusalem. We must not accept even one molotov cocktail. We must never tolerate even one “rock” (which can kill). Last night, a violent hate filed Arab threw a rock and hit one of our mothers from the old Yemenite Village while she was carrying her baby. It missed the baby’s head by centimeters. The “rock” could have killed the baby or hit his head. We cannot and will not rely on miracles. We must encourage our government to stamp out this violence and rid this country of such Arabs. We must show strength and strength of conviction and add more families to the Old City and its environs. Only this way will we send the message to our Arab neighbors. we are the rightful hers and we will not be moving.”

Police Close Temple Mount To Jews On Yom Yerushalayim

After arabs increased their attacks on the Temple Mount in the morning of Yom Yerushalayim, Israel’s police decided to close the Temple Mount to Jews in hopes of appeasing the arab gangs. With thousands of Jews waiting to get in and some already in reach of Judaism’s holiest spot, the police pulled the plug on what has become a standard event on the day commemorating Israel’s liberation of its capital.

MK Betzalel Smotrich of the Religious Zionism party said the following: “Terror must be eliminated; it must be beaten. It must not be capitulated to. Instead of preventing the movements of those being attacked, the police must persecute the attackers. This is a very pitiful decision, and I call on the Police Commissioner to backtrack.”

Video of Jews stuck outside of the Temple Mount:

However, the police may not have been the source of the actual decision. With the Biden administration warning Israel about the growing violence in Jerusalem and leftwing Democrats claiming Israel was attempting ethnic cleansing, the decision to shut off the Temple Mount to Jews may have come from higher up.

It is no secret that Israel’s political crisis has had a tremendous influence on day to day security decisions. With a real possibility of a Lapid-Bennett government, the Biden administration believes it may finally have a chance to regain influence on Israel’s decisions regarding Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. Since the Obama administration, Netanyahu’s tenure has seen an increased independence when it has come to Israel’s policies in strategic areas. This took a while, but Netanyahu used the relationships he forged with Russia and India as counterweight against the antagonistic policies of America’s Deep State. America is seeking to not only sink its claws back into Israel’s security, building, and religious policies, but hopes to direct actions from within through a weak and divided coalition.

The chaos in Jerusalem has one goal – to wrest control of Jerusalem from the Jewish people. It is being actively coordinated by Iran, Hamas, Turkey, and other players and coopted by enemies of the Jewish people in Europe and the United States. Not only does the Western world claim that only Jews have no rights to purchase property in Jerusalem, but arabs can steal Jewish property as they did in 1948 in Shimon Hatzaddik (Sheik Jarrah) and not ever face justice, simply because they are arabs and the property they stole was Jewish.

With enemies surrounding the Jewish State, and the US government growing more and more anti-Jewish, Israel is looking for a new type of leadership. However, the current attempt to displace Netanyahu by a cadre of disparate parties, completely inexperienced in international affairs may plunge Israel into an even deeper crisis.

The near lynch from different angles.

Roe vs. Wade

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