MSNBC is hiding the truth about the “Palestinian” eviction from Jerusalem

by Phil Schneider

The eviction of an Arab from his home in Jerusalem is not very different than the eviction of any person who is living in a home that is not legally their home. But whenever there is a good chance to jump on Israel and claim that Israel is occupying Arab land and settlers are grabbing Arab land – well, that fits perfectly with the anti-Israel narrative. But, as usual, the facts show that the story is actually completely different.

There is indeed a very real issue of occupation in the State of Israel. But it is not what one is accustomed to reading about in the news. The occupation is actually one that took place between 1948 and 1967, and that is what created much of the confusion that exists today. The State of Israel was established in 1948, but Judea and Samaria, and part of Jerusalem were not part of the Jewish State. They were occupied by the Jordanian Army. There was no claim that Jordan had to the land. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that Jordan did so little to build up the land it occupied. Instead, it built up some refugee camps with help from UNRWA and basically left the Arabs to fester in them. The Arabs were not part of the Jordanian society. They were left as refugees who had no place to call home. Some of them had fled homes that were inside the State of Israel in hopes of returning after the Jews were thrown into the sea. Some had recently moved to the Land of Israel because there were better financial opportunities working with in small Jewish towns and cities. But in 1948, if they were on the wrong side of the border, they ended up as Jordanian refugees. Jordan gave many of these people false claims to parcels in the Land of Israel. Then, when Israel liberated these lands in 1967, many of these Arabs claimed that it was there land because Jordan gave it to them. A weak claim, but indeed a claim. Therein lie many of the problems that exist today. The Jewish claim is ancient and real. The Jordanian claim is extremely weak, but also real. The claim of an ancient “Palestinian” claim is a fictitious lie that was created to defame the moral character of the State of Israel.

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