Malawian Band Creates Stunning Cover of “Home” in Support of Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s really remarkable to see this Malawian band come out in support of Israel. The Israeli people appreciate all the love!

Malawian Band Sings for Israel

Are you not blown away by this? It is amazing that this Malawian band is singing in support of Israel and raising awareness about the more than 100 hostages that are still being held in the vicious hands of Hamas. Malawians care and are showing it with this music video cover of “Home” or in Hebrew “Habayita.”

In a world where sadly, so many people are spreading lies about the one and only Jewish state and hating on Israel, it’s a video like this one that reminds us that not everyone hates the Jewish people. There are many people who love the Jewish people and Israel and are doing everything they can to show that love and support. People in all different countries are standing up to Jew-hatred. All the way from America to Malawi.

It can be hard to hear and feel the support sometimes when it feels like all the anti-Jewish sentiment is so loud and so blaring. But the love and the good will prevail. We will make it louder. The Malawian people here brought a lot of light to the world by showing they care. 

Keep praying that the remaining hostages will be released and saved by our brave IDF soldiers. Keep praying that the hostages can hold on for longer and not give up. Keep praying that they know we are praying.

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