Watch: IDF Reveals Shocking Footage of What Was Found in UNRWA building

by Phil Schneider

UNRWA is a United Nations Agency that has been in existence for many decades in order to help poor Arab refugees in the State of Israel. Well, they have been very helpful, but not in the way that people may think. They have been helpful in making sure that the issues of Arab refugees become an eternal issue that is never solved. 

The UNRWA agency is an extremely well-funded agency that employs an enormous number of people earning high salaries, all of whom are involved directly or indirectly in building the massive terror infrastructure against Israel. But since they are a UN agency, they are able to hide behind their innocuous title and seem like a buch of do-gooders.

Well, the State of Israel is now unified behind the clear fact that the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza was a critical base of the communications infrastructure of the Hamas tunnels. See for yourself. The facts sometimes surprise. In the coming months, Israeli politicians will spar with one another about who will say more anti-UNRWA statements. One will claim that we must defund UNRWA. Another will claim that we must close their offices altogether. Yet a third will say we must make sure to eradicate the entire agency once and for all from existence.

But nobody in Israel now believes that UNRWA should function in Israel just as nobody in Israel believes that the Hamas power structure should exist in any way, shape or form. Watch out world. When 70-80% of the Israelis agree on something, nothing will stop them. That is why Israel is fighting, persevering, and winning this tough war.       

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