Gazan Refugees are Begging for the World to Watch This Video

by Phil Schneider

There are two categories of Arabs in Gaza. There are those who want to stay, support and continue fighting with Hamas to kill as many Jews as possible. Then there are those who are stuck there but really would prefer to have a better life anywhere but Gaza. These Arabs are genuinely poor and need help. Nobody truly knows to what extent there are hundreds of thousands or even as many as 1 million Arabs who wiould love to leave Gaza. But whatever that number is, it is not small, and those people should be encouraged and helped along to resettle somewhere where they have a chance to not be caught up in Arab terror wars.    

The most natural places for these Arabs to move to would be Egypt or Jordan. But both of those seemingly enlightened countries want nothing of these refugees. They have always supported leaving as many Arbs to live in squalor in refugee camps on or inside of Israel’s borders. These countries viewed the refugees as a powder keg that would explode on Israel, sooner or later. They were right. 

But the most practical place for the Arabs to move to would be Qatar. First of all, Qatar funded much of the Hamas terror war against Israel. Qatar is an extremely wealthy country and most of the Arabs would be able to find work in the fields of construction, a common field among Arabs with years of tunnel building experience. Most of all, far away from Israel, most of these Arabs would be far away from terror activites and not need to find themselves caught up by radical Islamists willing to destroy their own lives in order to destroy Israel.  

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