Unbelievable Miracle in Gaza: Your Psalms Saved This IDF Soldier

by Leah Rosenberg

Thank G-d, we have heard about more than one miracle in Gaza during this war. This story will blow you away – for many reasons.

Another Miracle in Gaza

Wow. How can you not believe in G-d when you hear a story like this one? How can you not see G-d’s hand? We witness G-d’s hand and miracles everyday. We just don’t always open our eyes. Breathing itself is a miracle! But we have gotten used to the miracles G-d performs for us daily. And then G-d will remind us that He is in charge. This miracle in Gaza is one of those moments where you are just left in awe.

It would have been amazing had any object saved this IDF soldier from a bullet. But the fact that the object that saved him was a book of Psalms is mind-blowing. As this video discusses, it is really the spiritual aspects of the war that save our soldiers. Yes, our soldiers need to physcially fight. They need to protect themselves and us with weapons and guns. But what really ensures their safety? Our prayers to G-d. Our kind actions that we do for each other. Our Torah learning. Following G-d’s commandments. Our psalms that Jews worldwide have been saying daily. G-d protects us. And we do our part through the physical, yes, but through the spiritual as well.

If this story doesn’t prove that, what does? It’s a remarkable miracle that took place. We must keep saying our psalms and begging G-d for more open miracles.

May all the IDF soldiers return home safely after defeating Hamas and our enemies. May the hostages all return home healthy to their families. And may we see the coming of the Mashiach speedily in our days!

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