The ‘Son of Hamas’ Issues a Grave Warning to the UN in this Must-Hear Speech

by Phil Schneider

The “son of Hamas” is so unique because he thinks and talks Hamas and understands them through and through. He used to be one of them. He is their worst nightmare. Listen to his words. Don’t ignore his messages. If Hamas is allowed to survive, they will just keep going after Israel again and again, even if it means preparing for an October 7th like attack for years. That’s what they did this time. That is all they know how to do. The fuel that keeps them going is nothing more than pure hatred of Israel and Jews. They don’t have anything else to offer.

The message to Israel that so many people have been sending in so many ways is simple, “Finish the job.” If Israel lets Hamas weasel out again with a limited dictatorship and a few hundred rockets, and a few hundred machine guns, then Israel will have destroyed 90 – 95% of the problem. The little bit left will continue to grow and fester, just like any cancer grows.

Yes, Hamas is a cancer in Israel’s midst. Israel must learn from its mistakes and never allow anyone from Hamas to be in power in Israel’s region. Mike Pompeo made it clear. Nikki Haley made it clear. Ron DeSantis made it clear. Israel cannot allow existential threats to grow and grow on its borders.

If we ever want to know what the true intentions of the Arabs are, just listen to people who speak Arabic.

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