Rightwing Issues Bibi New Ultimatum Over Hostage Deal

by Micha Gefen

On the eve of the seventh day of Pesach, Prime Minister Netanyahu received an ultimatum from Betzalel Smotrich over the pending “hostage deal” Egypt is pressing Hamas to accept.

Smotrich spoke to Prime Minister Netanyahu in a videotaped message and said, “Mr. Prime Minister, all Egyptian mediation agreements that ended previous “rounds” of violence, leaving Hamas alive and kicking and enabling it to strengthen itself again and again, and massacre Israeli citizens in a way that has not happened since the Holocaust, is exactly what you have led to in the last two decades, and that is exactly, but exactly, what we have all promised not to do again.”

“Agreeing to the Egyptian deal is a humiliating surrender and existential danger. this deal grants victory to the Nazis despite the sacrifice of the hundreds of heroic IDF soldiers who fell in battle, it imposes a death sentence on the hostages who are not included in the deal, and above all – it poses an immediate existential danger to the State of Israel,” Smotrich stated.

He threatened the government’s integrity. “If you decide to wave a white flag and retract the order to immediately occupy Rafah, to complete the mission of destroying Hamas and restoring security to the residents of the south and the citizens of Israel and returning all our abducted brothers and sisters to their homes – your government will have no right to exist.”

“This is a critical moment for the people of Israel. The decision is in your hands. Take strength and courage from the story of the Exodus from Egypt and from Jewish history. From Moses and Nachshon ben Aminadav that tonight, 3,365 years ago, stood at the Red Sea, overcame the weaknesses that were displayed by parts of the nation, and determined the history of the Jewish people. Speak to the people of Israel and tell them to go to Rafah now. Go with all their might. Maybe now is the time for you, Mr. Prime Minister, to show your strength,” concluded Minister Smotrich.

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