“Palestinians” in Haifa call for Intifada and kidnappings

by Leah Rosenberg

Can you believe that this is happening in Haifa? This is not in Gaza. This is in a city in Israel! Truly terrifying.

“Palestinians” in Haifa and Intifada

It is quite startling to listen to “Palestinians” in Haifa call for the murder of innocent Jews. An Intifada is a violent uprising. They want to stab, blow up, and shoot Jews. They want to kidnap IDF soldiers. And they are not afraid to publicly say it!

And that actually says something about Israel. If these “Palestinians” were protesting in Gaza or many Arab countries throughout the world, they would be punished. The fact that they can freely do this shows that Israel is in fact not a terrorist state and does not oppress them. In Gaza, if they said anything like this against Hamas, they would be killed.

And here they are in Israel calling for the most horrific things to be done to the Jewish state and the Jewish people, and no – they are not being shot down and killed. Clearly, they are not oppressed. Clearly, they live free lives.

They try to get the world’s sympathy, but they are not deserving of any sympathy when they call to murder innocent Israeli men, women, and children. These Intifadas that the “Palestinians” here are calling for have resulted in young Jewish children being murdered in their beds while they sleep. These Intifadas have caused children to watch their mother be murdered in front of their eyes. It is time the world stopped sympathizing with “Palestinians” who call for Intifadas.

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