Students who support the intifada support THIS

by Leah Rosenberg

When college students on a popular American campus are shouting “long live the intifada,” something has got to change. Does anyone care about this hate?


The Intifadas were times of complete terrorism and murder by “Palestinian” terrorists. Thousands of Israeli men, women, and children were killed and wounded.

Hotels, restaurants, and buses were bombed. The Israeli people lived in fear.

And now, antisemitic hate groups on college campuses are calling for an Intifada once again. These students support terrorism!

American College Campuses

Some college campuses have become a frightening place for Jews to be in. Why should any Jew, and anyone at all, have to deal with such hate in 2018? No one should have to face and hear what the Jewish students and Jewish people across the world have been dealing with.

It is upsetting and heartbreaking.

The murders, the hate speech, the propaganda – it is shocking that it all still exists today in the world at large.

College is a place where students can learn and grow. And many campuses have instead turned into a place of hate and fear.  If universities allow these types of hate groups on their campuses, what will be next? How far will they take their hate? And will anyone stop them?

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