Watch new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett tell BBC News that Israel has to “kill every terrorist”

by Leah Rosenberg

BBC News has a clear bias against Israel. And then Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, and now Israeli Prime Minister will not stand for such discrimination against Israel.  This video is from before the time Naftali Bennett became Defense Minister.  Is this the right person for the job in Israel?

Bias on BBC News

The BBC News does not support Israel. They have a complete bias against the Jewish state. They support terrorists and blame Israel. This video is not the first time it has happened, and sadly, it probably will not be the last.

CNN does it, BBC does it. Many mainstream news stations do it. What do they do? They accuse Israel of anything and everything. It is shocking how often these news outlets twist stories to make Israel look like an oppressor. If you think about it and search the facts, it truly does not make sense. The ONE democracy in the Middle East seems to get the most negative media attention.

Men, women, and children are suffering in Syria, Iran, Pakistan and tens of other countries. But who does the media focus on? Israel – the country who accepts people of all faiths and religions.

BBC Blames Israel for Situation in Gaza

This BBC news reporter tries to blame Israel for the situation in Gaza. But Naftali Bennett will not stand for any of that. He puts the reporter in his place. The reporter tries to attack Bennett and Israel with so called “facts,” yet he takes those facts out of context and turns it on Israel. BBC ignores the fact that Hamas and the “Palestinian” Authority are at fault for all of the “Palestinian” people’s issues and suffering.

Israel does not want war. They want peace. But that cannot be possible when a terrorist organization is running Gaza. Peace cannot be possible until there is a major change in the leadership of the “Palestinian” people.

BBC is siding with terrorists. And it is time more people stood up to such false and bias news outlets.

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