Israeli Ambassador to UK destroys BBC interviewer about Iran

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev, was interview on BBC Newsnight. BBC News seems to defend Iran and attack Israel in this shocking interview, but Amassador Regev strongly stands his ground!

Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself

From the onset of the interview, the interviewer seems to mock Israel defending itself against Gaza’s rocket attacks. He says, “They lob rockets at you, you have to defend yourself. And you’re going to say that probably 3 times in the next 3 minutes.” He says that in the same breath that he asks if the Israeli Ambassador believes that Iran has defensive concerns as well. The BBC News interviewer did not even say that Israel has a right to defend itself!

Defending Itself Against Iran

Yes, Israel does have a right to defend itself against a terrorist regime attempting to build nuclear weapons. Ambassador Regev said, “If the Assad regime allows the Iranians to build inside Syria a formidable military machine to attack us, obviously we can’t sit back…” You can tell the attitude of the BBC interviewer by his response: “And if they say it isn’t to attack you?” When Ambassador Regev responds, “What’s it there for,” the interviewer changes the subject. He says, “Is Syria not going to be allowed to invite at its own volition Iranian involvement in Syria?”

BBC News goes on to ask ridiculous questions such as, “You have the right to bomb Syria because the Syrian government has invited the Iranians?”

Again, yes, Israel does have a right to defend itself if Iran is building weapons to attack Israel.

Is that really so complicated?

When Arabs and Israelis Agree

The Israeli Ambassador is trying to get a point across: the whole region is worried about Iran! As he says, “When Arabs and Israelis agree, its worth paying attention.” It’s not just Israel but also the entire Arab world that fears what Iran will do. That is DEFINITELY worth paying attention to!



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