The chilling new Holocaust music video

by Leah Rosenberg

Change the World!  End the Cries!  This Holocaust music video is a must-see!  What a powerful message that should resonate with anyone who cares about the dangers of hatred.  Hatred has existed ever since the Creation of man.  It exists today also.  But, it can be kept in check.  We need to change things – from the bottom up.  The younger generation must stand up and say – Enough!  This can never happen again!

The Holocaust Band

Saul Drier is a musician.  But he is like no other.  He is the drummer of the Holocaust Survivor’s Band.  He is 93 years old.  He knew hate firsthand during the Holocaust.  His message of hope is to live like brothers and to stop the hate.  The origin of evil is hatred – and it can be overcome – through education to love and care about mankind.

This Holocaust music video was shot in Warsaw – the scene of the largest Jewish ghetto in Poland during the Holocaust of World War II.  Back then, Saul had no drumsticks, so he played the drums with spoons.  He is an indomitable spirit for all people to learn from.

Thoughts about the Holocaust for Everyone

Saul publicized this quote from Elie Wiesel.

“How can anyone…anywhere…not feel outraged? How can a person not be moved by compassion? Above all , how can anyone who remembers remain silent?”   — Elie Wiesel

This encapsulates the essence of the tragedy of the Holocaust.  It cannot be truly understood.  But, we must go on and learn one of the most important lessons.  That is – we need to add a lot of love and brotherhood in this world.  We need to change the world to a place where true racists are powerless.  We need to encourage different ideas, but we need to encourage respect of the other.

If we don’t learn the lessons, the world has the ability to descend to the lowest depths.  We must change the world!


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