Pro-Israel students courageously defend Israel at college campus hatefest

by Leah Rosenberg

College campuses have become a dangerous environment with all the anti-Israel rhetoric. But these pro-Israel students are trying to make a difference.

SJP – Students for Justice in Palestine

SJP is an organization filled with people who support the destruction of the Jewish state. They do not truly care about the rights of “Palestinians” or anyone. They just want to destroy Israel – physically, economically, and in any way they can. SJP members are antisemitic and anti-Israel. And these people try to spread lies about Israel and brainwash their fellow students with poisonous ideas that essentially are supporting terrorism.

What is even harder to swallow is the fact that so many seemingly normal places allow such hateful environments. The world knows of UCLA. Does this university want such terror-infused ideas on their campus? Is this what they want their students graduating with? A degree in antisemitism, terrorism, and lies?

Listen to what these anti-Israel students scream out – “Long live the Intifada.” They are screaming out that they want all Jews murdered. Their professors and deans don’t mind if all Jews are killed?

Pro-Israel Students Take a Stand

There are some brave souls who are not afraid to take a stand against terrorism – even when so many of their peers will not. They are even courageous enough to go to these “hate-fests” and defend Israel. In contrast to the “other side,” these pro-Israel students have no interest in violence or hate. They just want to share the truth about Israel. Otherwise, who will?  The professors won’t. The media won’t. And the news won’t. And that is why it is so important what the organization Students Supporting Israel (SSI) is doing.

Students should seek the truth. But in today’s world, they don’t. Many students are not standing up for the truth. They are getting swept away by destructive lies.

Arab Incitement
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