Why women everywhere should love Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is the only country in the Middle East that protects women’s rights. The world should be celebrating the way Israel treats women!

Women’s Rights

In much of the Arab world, women are given little to no rights. It is truly something that should be denounced by all free countries and people when women’s rights are non-existent.

And you will hear talk about the way women are treated in the Middle East. It is denounced. But sadly, much of that talk relates to how women are treated in Israel as oppose to the rest of the Middle East.

It is all based on lies. And it is completely disrespectful to Arab women who are ACTUALLY mistreated in their own countries.

Women in Israel

Women in Israel are not just given equal rights, but they hold influential positions. They are in the Knesset, the Israeli government system. They are judges. The chief justice of the supreme court is a woman. How many other places in the Middle East can say that?

Women serve in the Israeli military.

Israel women also work in high tech – now that is just awesome!

They make up slightly more than half the population.

And those are just a few of the many amazing things that women do in Israel. It also proves what kind of country Israel is.

So the next time you hear someone talking about the way Israel treats women, share the truth with them.

Israel treats women better than any country in the Middle East. They respect women, just like other free countries in the world.

Dr. Risch

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