The child abuse taking place all across America

by Leah Rosenberg

Child abuse is horrible – in all forms.  However, there are many children today who are switching sides – to the dark side.  Much of the Western world is now in a battle with Radical Islam.  It is a battle against violence.  A battle for freedom.

Nature or Nurture?

There is an age-old argument that exists concerning how children and people in general form their opinions and ideas.  To what extent are the ideas that people take on a result of their nature – meaning, their genetic makeup.  Or to what extent are they impacted by their surroundings?  Of course, both have alot to do with the values and ideas of people.

However, there are times when nurture – meaning – what goes on outside of the home – impacts a child much more than their genetic makeup.  Parents also nurture from inside the home.  However, often the outside world impacts much more on children – especially in the teenage years and onward.

It’s windy out there

A great sage was once asked why children often stray from the paths of their parents.  “Doesn’t the apple fall close to the tree?”  The sage responded that it depends on two things.  One thing is how high the tree is.  But the other thing is how windy it is outside.  It seems that in today’s day and age, it is very windy outside and therefore people are moving – much more than before – away from their parents way of life.

However, if a teenager – especially one that is 17 or above decides to take on an Islamic lifestyle – that is not child abuse.  The parents are not the cause.  That is adult choice.  But, with children under the age of 12 or 13, we need to be more protective and be careful with what they are exposed to at a young age.


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