Obama let his ideal “third term” slip in an interview

by Phil Schneider

Who is running the United States of America today? Is it President Biden? Every time Joe Biden gets on a podium, less and less people believe that he is actually making the policy decisions. He still knows how to read a teleprompter and throw in a few “C’mon” lines. But anybody who watched Joe Biden as recently as 2016 at the end of the Obama Presidency and watches him now sees the clear difference. What is going on now is clearly some form of a puppet Presidency.

So, who is in charge? Is it Barack Obama? Well, most of the people in positions of power certainly are people from the Obama administration who have returned. In addition, the progressive policies that Biden has been implementing certainly resemble many of the things that Obama has espoused. Perhaps the main reason to assume that Barack Obama is the main person behind Joe Biden’s decision-making is that during the two terms of the Obama administration, no other Democrats took on a very major role in leadership of the Democrat Party. There really are no other major power players in the party outside of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. So, partially via process of elimination, but also because of videos like this, it stands to reason that Biden policies are indeed being driven by Barack Obama. After all, when people like Biden do slow down, they need a reliable crutch. Which Democrat knows the Oval Office better than Barack Obama?

It is probably just a matter of time till Joe Biden walks off the stage and President Kamala Harris becomes the first woman President of the United States of America. Who will be her main advisor? Well, it doesn’t seem like Obama will have any hesitation to guide her also. Term limits are in effect, but Barack Obama is indeed into the third term of his Presidency.

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