Mandy Patinkin is speechless after learning he had family in the Holocaust

by Leah Rosenberg

Mandy Patinkin may be well known for his role in the movie Princess Bride, but he is also a Jew who had family in the Holocaust.

Mandy Patinkin Discovers he had Family in the Holocaust

Mandy Patinkin is heartbroken and distraught to learn about what his family went through during the Holocaust. He never knew, and learning that was hard for him to swallow.

People connect to what happened in the Holocaust in different ways. Patinkin even had visited the camps, but he did so without knowing about his family who suffered at the hands of the Nazis. He didn’t know he had family that perished in the Holocaust. And once he learned that, it changed everything.

How Could Such Evil Exist?

As Patinkin said, he even imagines for a living, and it is still hard for him to imagine the barbaric actions of the Nazis during WWII. Some things are so shocking and monstrous that it is actually hard to picture. The Holocaust is one of those things. You can see pictures and footage from the concentration camps and the ghettos. You can go and visit the death camps. And yet, it is hard to fathom that the Nazis could be so horrific to other human beings. We cannot fully grasp all the horrors that the Jewish people and many others experienced during the Holocaust. Maybe because we don’t want to fully imagine what our ancestors went through. Or maybe because we don’t want to imagine that there are such evil people in the world. But there were such evil people and there still are.

We must fight evil with more good. We must fight injustice with more justice; each on our own level.


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