IDF Soldier Killed by Terrorists in Overnight Raid Because of Supreme Court Rulings

by Avi Abelow

This is Amit Ben-Yigal who was killed last night during a late night raid in an Arab village during a routine arrest. He was killed by a boulder thrown at his head. Our horrendous enemies who call themselves “Palestinians” are so evil that the most viral video today on their mobile phones is Amit’s blood flowing on the street. They are a despicable lot. 

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Amit was a soldier in the elite Golani commando unit and he was only one month away from the end of his IDF service. 

I blame the “progressive” jurists in Israel’s Supreme Court, and army, for Amit’s death. Our enemies have little deterrence. The legal jurists care more for the rights of our terrorists enemies than our right to live and defend ourselves! 

The IDF rules of engagement are so strict that soldiers are hardly ever allowed to shoot at stone throwers, even though stones kill!

Let me show you an example of the impact of our non-deterrence thanks to the unjust, “progressive” Supreme Court justices and jurists across our justice system.

What you are witnessing is an IDF unit being attacked with Molotov cocktails just two nights ago. They entered the Arab village to destroy the home of the terrorist who murdered Rina Shnerb a year ago. Because of all the legal petitions the Supreme Court allows, it takes a year, and sometimes years, for the IDF to destroy the home a terrorist, an effective deterrent that causes terrorists families to turn their children in, so that their homes will not be destroyed. But the Supreme Court busters that deterrence. Not only that, even when they give the IDF permission to destroy a terrorist’s house, it almost never allows them to destroy the whole house, because that isn’t fair to the family. See here, the IDF only destroyed the second floor, and sometimes the Supreme Court only gives them permission to destroy the terorirst’s bedroom! These are just some of the ways the “progressive” jurists neuter our deterrence.

Now look at the mob of terrorists! They are not afraid of the IDF soldiers because they know the hands of our soldiers are tied by the jurists. 

We will beat our enemies, but we first have to bring morality and justice back to our justice system. We have plenty of fabulous, talented jurists, but the “progressive” agenda of placing the rights of our evil enemies above our rights to live and defend ourselves, must end. They are not progressive at all, they are regressive.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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