Hamas and the Nazis are the same, and here is proof

by Leah Rosenberg

Are Hamas and the Nazis really that different? Some people like to think so in order to blame Israel for the conflict in the Middle East. They want to murder all the Jews. Just like the Nazis. Is it really that hard to see?

Nazis or Hamas?

The Israel Advocacy Movement went to ordinary people on the streets of London to quiz them in this “gameshow.” Can people tell the difference between Hamas and the Nazis? The goal was to see if people could recognize if a quote was from a Nazi or by Hamas. The sad truth: The quotes from both Jew-hating organizations sounded the same. And that is the point. They sounded similar because they are similar. It’s important to realize that. When the world realizes that, they can understand what Israel is up against: an organization that wants them annihilated.

The Quotes

“The Jews must be chased out of our Houses.” – The Nazis

“Annihilate the Jews completely.” – Hamas

“Our nation was tested by the cancerous lump that is the Jews.” – Hamas

And then one quote was from Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the British Labour party. He called one of these two organizations “champions of social justice.” Which organization? Hamas. And it was possibly one of the most anti-Semitic remarks a leader could make.

What People Learned

This shocked some people that the two organizations have the same words and mentality. They didn’t realize how much of a terrorist organization Hamas really is. Even the image on the Hamas flag is a Swastika, something that many did not know. When shown the image from the Hamas flag, everyone guessed that the symbol belonged to the Nazis. It surprised them that the symbol flies around on the Hamas flag. One person even commented, “They are literally like the same.”

So yes – Hamas and the Nazis are the same. Both want Jews dead. Their goal is the same. Why won’t the world admit that?


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