Non-Jewish Zionist proudly shows support for Israel and explains why you should too

by Leah Rosenberg

Many people look forward to the annual Israel Day Parade where Israel supporters get to march through New York City. They get to proudly and publicly show their support. Even non-Jewish Zionists want to join!

Marching to Support Israel

It is not so common to hear non-Jewish Zionists proudly proclaiming their support for Israel in this way. But this Hungarian woman is one of the proudest out there! She really gets it. She understands the facts and advocates for Israel in a proud way.

This woman is giving over a message to all non-Jews. She says, “You don’t need to be as crazy as I am for Israel, but you do need to…

(1) Set your facts straight

(2) Go beyond your stereotypes

(3) Talk to Israelis

(4) Talk to Jews

(5) Go to Israel

(6) Read both sides of the story

(7) Don’t get stuck on the headlines

(8) Don’t get emotionally manipulated by seeing little kids from Gaza because that is not the full story.”

Non-Jewish Zionists

There are other Non-Jewish Zionists who publicly state their love for Israel. They see how Israel is good. They know that the media lies about Israel. And they also understand that Israel has a right to self determination just like any other group of people.

Despite the fact that Israel belongs to the Jewish people, they are still welcoming to people of all faiths and cultures. Just take one step in Israel and you’ll see that. But the media won’t tell you that. They won’t tell you about how Israel allows the Arabs to work, have freedom, and practice their religion. Or about all the opportunities.

Israel belongs to the Jewish people, and they shouldn’t be questioned for living in their own land – especially when they allow others to freely live together with them as equals.


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