The moment Hamas fired a rocket during a live broadcast

by Avi Abelow

Hamas shoots rockets from buildings with civilians. This video shows a live broadcast of a news program. Notice the shock on the face of the TV host when she realizes that a rocket launch just took place from the building she is in with her studio.

Human Shields

This is an important reminder of how Hamas operates. It puts civilians and journalists at risk firing rockets from civilian areas.

This is proof that you will never see, and it comes from the Arabic media. Al-Arabiya’s reporter Hanan El-Masri feels a rumbling underneath her chair during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge.

This video is from the 2014 Gaza war, it is not from today.

Why are we promoting it today? Because this video exemplifies the evil of Hamas. They endanger innocent people! They shoot rockets from buildings. Hamas actually hide their military headquarters in hospitals.  They even store rockets in schools.

All this information is documented and known.  But the western media and many western politicians choose to ignore it.

Hamas Strategy is Working

Israel should be given a free pass to bomb the hell out of Hamas and annihilate them. It is the Gazans themselves who are under their brutal occupation, having to live as constant human shields, protecting them from the military wrath of Israel.

The truth is that this Hamas strategy is working, beautifully. Israel is so careful in trying not to harm innocent Gazans. Who benefits from this? The Hamas terrorists.

They are taking advantage of Israel’s high standards of morality.

Yet, our high standards of morality are extending the conflict. Hamas is evil. They shoot rockets from buildings, with people living in them. Even with studios broadcasting a live broadcast!

Collateral Damage in War

Unfortunately, bombing evil people to stop them sometimes has collateral damage, especially if they use humans as shields.

Israel is so afraid of the collateral damage. Officials are afraid that if/when we bomb Hamas and stop them, the world will trounce on us if any civilians are hurt.

Instead, the conflict persists.  This is all due to a twisted morality that is devoid of reason.  More lives, Gazans and Israelis, would be saved long term if we just end the evil of Hamas once and for all.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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