Son of a Gazan speaks the truth about Israel

by Michael Sax

The media’s lies run wild. Yet when you hear the truth from this son of a Gazan, you’ll start to realize just how pervasive the lies have become.

A special guest reveals the truth

Taylor Amrani is a proud American Israeli living in Tel Aviv. She loves Israel, and recently had a special guest on her twitter account. Taylor hosted Michael (Mahdi) Satri. Michael’s father is from Gaza. In fact, Michael has lots of family in Gaza, and he regularly speaks with them. This happens usually by skype or other means. So Michael knows exactly what is happening in Gaza. Additionally, Michael speaks fluent Arabic. For the record, Michael is an Israeli-palestinian Zionist arab Muslim.

Michael explains Gaza

If you want to know what is really happening in Gaza, you can’t just rely on the media. Michael shares with us the truth, an insider scoop he knows first hand from his father and relatives there. Here is what Michael has to say. Firstly, he claims that Hamas kills children. That’s right, the Hamas terror group murders little kids. Some people claim that Hamas is a proper government or a social support system. But if they slaughter children, that makes them terrorists. Secondly, people in Gaza do live under occupation. They live under the occupation of Hamas. Hamas needs to release their iron grip and give people basic rights like school and jobs. Instead Hamas terrorizes any Gazans they want to.

Hamas steals money meant to improve lives and directs it to terror building. There are barely any jobs. As a result, Michael explains that the only way for a Gazan to be successful is to kill Jews. Who is responsible for that? Michael blames the United Nations. The UN gives money to the Palestinian Authority, who pays terrorists.

Bottom line, Israel is not the problem. Israel is the solution.

Roe vs. Wade

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