Hamas is killing Gaza, and the world is dead silent

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the biggest threat to the Arabs in Gaza? The answer is – their leadership – Hamas. While Israel spends millions of dollars on humanitarian needs for Arabs in Gaza, the Arab leadership spends millions of dollars to destroy it all.


The area of the Gaza Strip is a unique stretch of land on the coast of the Mediterranean.  In the 1948 War, the Egyptian Army drove tanks up the coast towards Tel-Aviv.  Due to tremendous bravery from some young Israeli soldiers (and some help from the One Above), Israel turned them back.  However, the Gaza Strip remained outside of the tiny State of Israel and was occupied by the Egyptians.  Between 1948 and 1967, Arab fedayeen – basically Arab terrorists – wreaked havoc all over Israel.  But their main strategic launching pad was the Gaza Strip.  The arms mainly came from Egypt and Israel struggled with this deadly problem for years. Interestingly, the main commander who led most of the anti-terror operations in the early years of the State was Ariel Sharon.

Six Day War

So, in 1967, when Israel turned back 3 Arab armies in lightning fashion, one of the issues that Israel cleaned up was the Gaza Strip issue.  Israel pushed back the Arab forces in the area and the area became part of the enlarged State of Israel.  However, the city of Gaza always served as a hotbed of terrorist activity.  Even after Israel built up settlements in the Gaza Strip that brought more employment to the local Arab population, Arab terrorism against Israel continued.

Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip

Against the advice of many of Israel’s army generals, and against the will of the majority of the State of Israel, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon kicked out nearly 10,000 Jewish people from the Gaza Strip.  He withdrew the Israeli Army completely and allowed the Arabs to rule themselves completely.  Their were ample warnings that the entire Gaza Strip would turn into a massive launching pad for terror, but Sharon persisted and removed the Israeli Army completely. He took a chance and now the entire Israeli south has to pay the price.


Within a short amount of time, the Hamas took over the entire Gaza Strip.  They then took the millions of dollars in foreign aid and spent almost all of it on building a massive terrorist infrastructure.  They built terror networks and kept the local population poor, angry, and ready to fight Israel.  There is no reason that the Gaza Strip is not an oasis of tourism or an agricultural success like it was when Israel built it up.  It is simply a mini terror-state because Hamas wants it that way.  It’s that simple.




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