Iranian MPs burn American flag in parliament

by Leah Rosenberg

Members of the Iranian parliament are angry. This is a good sign. President Trump is doing something right if members of the Iranian parliament are burning an American flag.

When dictatorships are happy, it is time to be worried. When dictatorships are angry, it is usually a sign that they are desperate and scared.

Smiling Dictators

Happy dictators are dangerous.  Hitler, Kaddafi, and Saddam Hussein smiled when things looked good for them.  Once their fortunes changed, they became angry dictators. The nature of dictators is such that they lose control quickly if they don’t get their way.  Weak people get concerned that the crazy dictators will do something crazy.  But, the opposite is the truth.  The dictators are only truly dangerous when they feel truly powerful.

Smiling Democratic Leaders

Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton. and John F. Kennedy understood well that if they were smiling, then their enemies got worried.  Reagan smiled through the end of leading the United States to victory in the Cold War.  General Eisenhower generally sported a happy grin – even while commanding some of the most deadly attacks in world history to preserve the free world.

Burning Flags

The Iranian parliament succeeds in annoying anyone who cares about the United States when they burn an American flag.  Raising a flag represents much more than a standard national symbol.  It represents all of the values of the country.  Burning the flag represents more than a rejection of those values.  It represents the hope of burning – yes – burning the people who raise that flag.  Well, the best response that comes to mind is to raise our flags and be proud of the fact that our morals will prevail.





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