U.S. Embassy moves to Jerusalem thanks to…

by Leah Rosenberg

The U.S. Embassy is now officially in Jerusalem. Who really is responsible for this historic decision? President Trump? Or maybe it was the Christians who lobbied for Israel.

U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

Jews have been waiting decades for a U.S. president to ACTUALLY move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel. King David declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel thousands of years ago, but apparently, much of the world missed that. People still won’t recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel!

Although many presidents promised to move the U.S. Embassy, not one of them kept their word. Israel knows its own capital and has known it for thousands of years.  But President Trump’s move makes a strong statement to the rest of the world. President Trump has fulfilled his promise and officially moved the Embassy on May 14, 2018. And that gives us something to celebrate about!

Christians Lobby for Israel

Although President Trump was the official voice who made the decision, Christians who support Israel may have had a large influence on the decision. Lobbying for Israel can really make a difference! One man interviewed in the video said, “Christians are our best friends.”

Supporting Israel

Supporting Israel is supporting democracy. It is standing up to all the evil in the world and to all those who try to destroy Israel. As one interviewee said in the video, “Supporting Israel is also supporting basically the good in the world and the peace in the world.” By moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, President Trump and the United States of America are showing they support Israel.

Being Thankful

Whether it was Trump, the Christians, Netanyahu, or anyone else who was responsible for the Embassy move, Israel is thankful. Finally, a president has stayed true to his word. Is that not something to applaud?

History is being made right here in Jerusalem!


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