The US Embassy Move to Jerusalem is HUGE and We Are Celebrating

by Avi Abelow

President Trump moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem is not about real estate or “appeasing” Jewish voters. It is much, much greater than that. It is literally part of the redemption happening before our eyes.

Just last week the official signs of the new US Embassy were hung up around Jerusalem. It is a beautiful sight for Jews and Israelis to see.

Why this is HUGE

The very essence of Jewish nationalism, Zionism is Jerusalem. The word “Zion” is one of the Biblical words for Jerusalem. Zionism is about the Jewish return as a sovereign nation in our homeland with Jerusalem as our capital. It was always the center of our national being, ever since King David. Since 1948, the world refused to recognize Jerusalem as our capital for 70 years. That refusal basically is an insult to Israel and the Jewish people in not recognizing our right to self-determination.

But President Trump’s decision to finally move the US Embassy to Jerusalem is not just about a formal process of finally recognizing our Jewish right to self-determination in our ancestral homeland. It is even deeper than that.

What we are witnessing is part of redemption process. The US Embassy move to Jerusalem by the USA, the most powerful country in the world, is a rejoining of the Biblical brothers Esav, representing Western culture, and Jacob, representing the Jewish people. We are finally witnessing the beginning of the process of Western culture accepting Israel in totallity. So long as Jerusalem was denied the recognition as our capital city, the Jewish people were still looked down upon by the Western world. But this official recognition by President Trump is spiritually groundbreaking, signalling a significant step in the redemption process.

We are Witnessing Miracles

President Trump’s win was nothing short of miraculous. For eight years Israel suffered undder a horrific Obama Presidency. The Obama administration was full of terror appeasers. They appeased the worst of the Sunni and Shiite Muslims. They pushed for a nuclear deal with Shia Iran, the biggest state sponsor of terror in the world. And the Obama White House had an open door policy with the Muslim Brotherhood, the most extreme terror supporters of the Sunni world.

After these eight horrendous years, Trump is elected President. He appoints Nikki Haley, David Freedman, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo etc. These are people who totally understand the importance of a strong US-Israel relationship, for the benefit of America! This is nothing short of miraculous.

Those who are willing to look closely, they will understand that we are witnessing the redemption process with our own eyes. We are blessed to live in this generation and witness this.

How One Man is Celebrating

Israel Memorial Day
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