International world still doesn’t understand Gaza conflict

by Michael Sax

Last month, Israel saw Hamas launch waves of attacks. As the IDF responded and defended Israeli civilians, the rest of the world seems blind to reality.

Hamas terror attacks

Last month, arab terrorists launched multiple attacks on Israel. In addition to throwing rocks at Israeli cars and smashing windshields, the Hamas terror group led two main attacks. One was a violent riot and attempt to infiltrate into Israel to kill Jews. The other was a massive rocket attack on Israeli cities. We’ll review these terror attacks and how the world responded.

Terror infiltration

Hamas organized 40,000 terrorist operatives and arabs brandishing rocks, wire cutters, guns and explosives to riot at the border with Israel. The purpose was to enter Israel and kill as many Jews as possible. As a result, the Israel Defense Forces responded to the incoming terrorists. In order to protect Israelis, they shot and killed about 100 of the advancing armed terrorists. The media twisted the facts and mainly reported on arabs being killed by Israelis. The media largely neglected to mention that 40,000 murderous arabs, many of them armed with lethal weapons, were stopped on the way to commit mass murder.

Hamas launches barrage of rockets – world responds?

Last Tuesday, Hamas attempted to kill as many Israelis as possible, launching approximately 180 rockets into Israel. For 24 hours, Israelis huddled in bomb shelters, as Hamas shot at them again and again, non-stop. Air raid sirens filled the air and families called loved ones, checking to see if everyone was safe. When an alert sounded, Israelis had literally seconds to dive for shelter before the rockets would reach them. Schools were cancelled, people couldn’t go to work. People ran in fear to the concrete shelters, hoping to get their safely.

World response to the rocket attacks

While the United States government and a few others rightfully blamed Hamas for instigating the violence, the media was a different story. They barely reported this mini-war. Why does the media love images of dead terrorist arabs?  Why won’t they report when arabs fire rockets on Jewish kindergartens? Is there a double standard? Is a Jewish life worth less than an arab life?

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