Gaza Arabs Destroy Border Fence and Infiltrate Into Israel with Machetes

by Avi Abelow

Gaza Arabs have infiltrated into Israel through the Gaza/Israel border fence. Israel will not allow any illegal infiltrations, and definitely not from terrorists in Gaza intent on murdering Israelis.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry publicized this video to expose the dangerous situation. The IDF did not reveal what happened with these terrorists. However, they were stopped and did not end up harming any Israelis.

Mainstream Media

Once again the mainstream media is deliberately misreporting the events of the Gaza riots. Mainstream media has been reporting the Gaza protests as “peaceful”. Yet, they are anything BUT peaceful!

Read more about the “peaceful” Gaza protests here.

These Hamas led riots are violent. Hamas is a terrorist organization with the stated goal of destroying Israel and murdering Jews. They have called these riots “non-violent” protests, with the name the “Gaza March of Return”. However, they are not peaceful or non-violent, they are violent and a provocation.

Read more about how the Gaza Marches are a dangerous provocation.

This Hamas leader is quite clear in Arabic what the goal of the “non-violent” marches are, to murder Jews.

Yet the mainstream media prefers to listen to the Hamas lies in English.

The Truth

They throw molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers. These “protesters” are destroying the border fence. They are using women and children as human shields to draw PR headlines that will make Israel look bad in the eyes of the world. And worst of all, they are infiltrating into Israel to murder Israelis. These are terrorists and these are terror acts.

Israel will respond however it needs to respond in order to protect our border and protect Israeli citizens. The IDF will not allow infiltrators to run into Israel with weapons intent on murdering Israelis, regardless of how bad the headlines of the mainstream media will be.

Read more of the truth the mainstream media is not telling you about the Gaza terror marches.

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