HILARIOUS! There is no white Jesus!

by Michael Sax

Sit down and get ready to laugh as we explore some of the most common misconceptions out there. Do you believe any of these?

Common misconceptions about Jesus

There are a lot of misconceptions that people commonly believe. For example, that the world is flat. Or that storks bring babies. Some myths are funny, some are so wild that no one in their right mind would believe them. Yet there are other misconceptions that sadly people do believe.

King David ruled Israel 3000 years ago

People in the Middle East have darker skin. Furthermore, Israel, as it is known today, was also the Jewish homeland three thousand years ago. That’s right, King David was the Jewish leader of Israel then. During the next hundreds of years, Jewish Israelis built the First and Second Temples. Jesus was born to a Jewish family in Israel. That makes him Jewish and Israeli! However, there are people who want to distort reality. Worse than that, they invent lies and fake news, spreading it to the masses. They try to convince others that Jesus was a “palestinian.”

Why this is a lie

Let’s look at why this is a blatant lie. A thousand years after King David first ruled Israel, the invading Romans crushed the Bar Kochva rebellion. This was in the year 135 CE, and Roman occupiers decided to not just kill Jews. In addition, they also wanted to destroy any future Jewish hope for freedom in the Land of Israel. They had a smart, yet devious strategy in order to accomplish this. They renamed the Jewish capital Jerusalem, and called it “Aelia Capitolina.” In addition, they named the land of Judea a new name: Syria-Palestina.

The truth about ‘Palestine’

Here is the kicker. This title, of Syria-Palestina, was meant to describe the originally Jewish land! Furthermore, Jesus was born before 135 CE, before the concept of Syria-Palestina ever existed! So Jesus could not have been a Syrian-Palestinian, because that label was only invented more than a century after he died. When he was born, he was a Jewish Israeli. This also shows that the original name “Syria-Palestina” refers to Jews.

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