From where did the name Palestine really originate?

by Phil Schneider

The land of Israel is sometimes called “Palestine.” From where did that name originate?
Well, it starts with the Romans – 2,000 years ago. Dore Gold, former Israeli Ambassador to the UN explains properly that the Romans and the Arabs today use the same methodology to attack the Jewish identity and connection to the Land of Israel.

Quick History Lesson

Those looking to de-Judaize the connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel throw the word “Palestine” around. But, here are the historical facts.  After the Romans crushed the Bar Kochba rebellion, back in 135 CE, Roman occupiers decided to not just kill Jews.  In addition, they also wanted to destroy any future Jewish hope for freedom in the Land of Israel.  They had a smart, yet devious strategy in order to accomplish this.  They renamed the Jewish capital Jerusalem, and called it “Aelia Capitolina.”  In addition, they named the land of Judea a new name: Syria-Palestina.

Their goals were clear – they wanted to remove any connection of the Jewish people with the Land of Israel.  But the Jewish people held on tightly to their faith, and never let the fictional name take root.

The methodology of the Romans and Israel’s enemies today are the same – attack the Jewish identity.  SO what is Palestine? An attempt to rename Israel so that Jews will forget their eternal connection to the Land of Israel.

So who were the actual “Palestinians” of two millennia ago?

They were the Jews.

Jewish connection to Jerusalem

Dore Gold properly points out that not only 2,000 years ago, but even in the middle of the 1800’s, the Jews were a majority in the city of Jerusalem. Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State visited the Holy Land.  Even he wrote in his memoirs that there is a Jewish majority in the city of Jerusalem.  This is before the Zionist movement even existed.

The Jewish connection to the Land of Israel is ancient and eternal.  The use of the word “Palestine” is largely just a modern ploy to disconnect thew Jewish people from the Land of Israel.


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