Hamas admits the truth whilst the media continues to lie

by Leah Rosenberg

There’s a media bias in the world, and it’s frightening. Because the media not only reports what it wants to without checking the facts, but it is supporting terrorism while ignoring the truth.

Always Against Israel

No matter what the situation is, the media will always report against Israel. It seems illogical that there is a media bias against the one democratic state in a region filled with tyranny and terrorism. But that’s the mind-boggling truth of today’s world. It is SO simple to check the facts, but no one cares. Instead, the reports are filled with ignorance, anti-Semitism, and just plain stupidity. And what’s even worse is that people believe all of it.

Gaza Protests

If you search what’s going on in Gaza, most reports will blame Israel for, as the New York Times says, killing “scores at protests.” But did they check to see who these “scores” of people were? Hamas openly admitted that 50 of 62 killed were Hamas members. That means they were TERRORISTS. Will any news outlet correct itself and apologize? Most likely not.

Because there is a media bias, the reports are calling these protests “peaceful.” It almost seems humorous. If you google the world peaceful, it will say, “free from disturbance; tranquil.” That is the absolute opposite of what these protesters are doing at the border with Israel. They are burning tires, trying to infiltrate Israel and kill people, sending kites to burn Israeli fields, and many other NON-peaceful actions. That is the definition of disturbance! How can anyone even begin to say it is peaceful?

So yes, Israel will kill terrorists to defend its people. Would your country not do the same?

Dr. Risch

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