“Peaceful” Gaza March is a Dangerous Provocation

by Avi Abelow

The Gaza march will be anything but peaceful. Hamas will be using their women and children once more as human shields to march upon the border force.  They want to provoke the IDF to respond and stop them from crossing the border.

Hamas-led Provocation Campaign

Hamas’ latest ploy aims to ignite a confrontation at Israel’s borders, in particular with the Gaza Strip. Led and financed mainly by Hamas, the plan is to have thousands of Gazans gather and camp close to the border fence in the coming weeks. They may initiate a mass march, or even a violent storming of the border and clashes with Israeli security forces.

The culmination of the campaign is slated for May 15 (the day after Israel declared independence in 1948, labeled “Nakba – Disaster – Day” by the Palestinians).
It should be noted that the PLO and Israel agreed in 1995 to resolve permanent status issues through negotiation.  They agreed that neither side would not take unilateral moves or violence, in order to work out security arrangements, border and refugee issues.

The Palestinian Authority representatives, again and again, rejected serious efforts to reach peace agreements.  This includes far-reaching Israeli proposals in the negotiations held in 2000 and in 2008. The Palestinian Authority leaders left the negotiation table once again in 2014, without a counter offer.

Gaza is facing a worrying humanitarian situation, brought on by the dismal failure of Hamas and the PA to provide for the welfare of Gaza’s population. Instead of taking responsibility, Hamas and Palestinian Authority leaders place all of the blame on Israel.

Israel Has Every Right to Respond

Israel has the full right to defend its borders. Every country has the right to protect its citizens and to prevent illegal infiltration into its sovereign territory.

The Arab leaders behind the Gaza march are attempting to present it as “peaceful resistance.” However, Hamas leaders openly state that it is likely to become violent. The campaign is not intended to bring peace any closer. Rather it is a premeditated provocation meant to fan the flames of the conflict and increase tension. Just look at the Facebook page of the organizers of the campaign:

Hamas is spending more than $10 million on the confrontation campaign (Channel 2 news, Israel), paying Gazans to participate in the march. While Gaza’s infrastructure is failing, Hamas uses its considerable resources to buy weapons and missiles and to construct terror tunnels.  All of this is instead of caring for the welfare of the Gaza population.

Facts about Gaza Today

Israel uprooted 10,000 Israeli citizens from the Gaza Strip and pulled out all IDF presence back in 2005. There is no siege on Gaza; tons of essential goods enter Gaza on a daily basis. Israel would like the Gaza Strip to be a peaceful and prosperous neighbor. Existing restrictions are in place only to prevent smuggling of materials used for the military build-up of Hamas and other terror groups in the Gaza Strip.

Israel continues to provide for electric power, water and the entry of goods to Gaza, in coordination with international parties, as well as the passage of people via Israel for medical treatment.

For 11 years, Hamas has ruled the Gaza Strip without mercy. In their obsession to destroy Israel, Hamas leaders have forsaken the people of Gaza. Instead, they have created a worrisome humanitarian situation there, using Israel as a scapegoat to detract attention from its failures. Instead of tending to the needs of the people, Hamas oppresses them for the sake of continuing the conflict.

The Palestinian Authority is imposing sanctions on the Gaza Strip, by suspending payments for salaries and electricity.

Hamas continues to endanger the civilian population of Gaza by using them as human shields. The march campaign shows once again how Hamas sends civilians, including women and children, to the front, while its leaders and fighters hide behind them.

Israel calls upon the international community to restrain Hamas. And to ensure that vital resources are well used in order to help the people of Gaza and not to fund terror.


1. The campaign organized by “Palestinian” Arab leaders is in fact a dangerous, premeditated provocation meant to fan the flames of the conflict and increase tension.

2. Israel has the right to defend its borders and to prevent infiltration into its sovereign territory.

3. In the last two weeks, there has been an increase in terror attacks on Israel. They are supported and encouraged by “Palestinian” Arab leaders.

4. For almost eleven years, Hamas has ruled the Gaza Strip. It prefers to continue the conflict at the expense of the welfare of the Gazan people.

5. Hamas uses its resources for armament, smuggling tunnels, and other militaristic purposes. Instead of investing in the civilian infrastructures in Gaza.

6. Hamas is spending more than $10 million to finance the current confrontation campaign, paying Gazans to get them to participate.

7. Hamas’s primary goal remains to destroy Israel.

8. Hamas continues to exploit the civilian population of Gaza as human shields.

9. Israel continues its humanitarian support of Gaza. It allows the entry of goods, electricity and water as well as the passage of people via Israel for medical reasons.

Arab Incitement
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