Don’t Call Your March “Peaceful” If You Throw Bombs and Set Israeli Fields on Fire

by Avi Abelow

Many dunams of fields have been destroyed by the Gaza protest kite bombs. The media ignores reporting about these kite bombs because they are primitive, but they have done tremendous damage to Israeli farms igniting many fields on fire along the Gaza border.

Fields on Fire

The Gaza protests have been going on for six weeks. Every Friday thousands of protestors storm the Gaza border fence, damage the fence, throw molotov cocktails at the Israeli troops and try to infiltrate.

They have also tied bombs to kites and flew them over the border fence. They then land in Israeli fields. Those fields then catch fire and destroy all the crops.

There are tens of thousands of dunams of Israeli farms along the Gaza border fence. Little by little, fields have been burned down by the primitive kite bombs. Whole fields have been destroyed and the farmers are losing hundreds of thousands of shekels worth of produce and income.

Terror is Terror

Whether these kite bombs are primitive or not, they destroy and they terrorize. While the world ignores the Arab Muslin terror from Gaza, Israel takes it very seriously. Israel will not allow Gaza protestors infiltrate into Israel, storm into the country and murder innocent civilians.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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