Iranian Soldiers Again Killed in Syria Allegedly by Israeli Airstrike

by Avi Abelow

Last night Israel allegedly attacked Iranian soldiers in Syria.  This  followed President Trump’s announcement that he was pulling out of the nuclear deal with Iran. This alleged attack was a preventative action against Iranian forces in Syria who were planning an attack on Israel.

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Israel Bombed the Convoy

Syria State Media Reports

Syria says that Israel attacked an army base outside of Damascus. Meanwhile, inside of Israel, the IDF prepared itself for an imminent Iranian attack from Syrian territory on Israel.

In response to this serious threat, yesterday the Israeli government took action.  They opened up bomb shelters in Northern communities near the Syrian border. This occurred after Israel identified “unusual movement” of Iranian forces in Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that Israeli jets  targeted a weapons depot near al-Kiswah.  Iranian forces use this Syrian military base south of Damascus. This is not the first time that Israel struck the strategic location.

At least nine pro-regime fighters, “including members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and other pro-Iranian Shia militiamen” were killed in the strike, the Observatory said.

The Israeli army called up Intelligence officers and other specialized forces due to this developing situation.

Israel and Russia

Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu flew to Moscow last night.  But before he left, he issued the following statement:


Israel has called up reservists from the anti aircraft artillery units. Israel has also spread Iron dome units throughout the Golan Heights. Security sources say they do not think Iran will do anything drastic. They are just preparing just in case.

Even with this situation, we in Israel are living our normal lives and loving life.

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