Watch: Arab Media Create Video Humiliating Syria and Praising Israel

by Avi Abelow

The Baghdad Post is an Arab media outlet that created this video.  It humiliates Syrian President Bashar Assad and praises Israel!

They titled the video “The Russians sold you out, Bashar, because you broke the rules of engagement in the Golan.”

It’s the Visuals

While we don’t understand the Arabic song in the background, the visuals in the video give over a clear message.

Russia has been Assad’s savior in helping them survive their civil war. The video clearly shows this relationship with a beginning visual of Putin and Assad. Yet this video humiliates Assad by featuring scenes of Putin with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. These are not just any random scenes, but Putin enjoying Netanyahu’s company at the biggest annual celebration Russia celebrates. In addition, they display additional military visuals hinting that Russia is allowing Israel to attack on Syrian soil.

Who’s side is Russia on?

The message of this Baghdad Post video is clear. Russia has sold out Syria’s Bashar Assad.  They have sided with Israel, and the Baghdad Post loves it!

Sunni Muslims hate Assad because he is a heretic. Assad is an Alawite, a break-off sect of Islam that Sunnis consider to be heretical. Sunni Muslims despise the Assad regime ruling over them. But, they also hate Iran. Iran represents Shiite Muslims and their is a deep hatred between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

However, anyway that you cut it, Arab media sources siding with Israel over other Arab regimes is a big deal.

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