BREAKING NEWS: IDF Preparing for Massive Missile Attack from Iran

by Avi Abelow

Iran vowed revenge against Israel for bombing the T4 army base they were building in Syria. Iran has threatened Israel with a massive missile attack.  Israel is taking these threats very seriously. The reason Israel made public its concern about the Iranian threat is in order to deter Iran from carrying out its threat. In addition, at the same time, the IDF is preparing itself for any conflagration.  The Israeli Army is in the middle of serious training exercises in Israel’s north.

Multiple senior IDF officials report that an attack on Israel from Syria, orchestrated by Iran, may be imminent – using heavy Iranian missiles. Preparations are ongoing for weeks.

— Israel Breaking (@IsraelBreaking) May 6, 2018

Israeli Minister Threatens Syria as Deterrence

“If Assad continues to let the Iranians operate from Syrian soil, he should know that he signed his own death warrant and that it will be his end. We will topple his regime,” Yuval Steinitz, the minister of national infrastructure, energy and water resources, told the Ynet website.

“Assad cannot sit calmly in his palace and rehabilitate his regime… and use Syria be turned into a base for attacks against the State of Israel. It’s very simple,” said Steinitz, a member of Israel’s security cabinet.

Steinitz later released a statement clarifying that he was only “expressing his personal view.”

Life Goes On

While these are the headline news in Israel, amazingly, Israelis are going about their daily lives as if there is no threat of violence.  It is rather scary to think about an attack by Iran.  However, Israelis refuse to allow threats in the headlines to disrupt their daily lives. We all hope that Israel successfully deters future Iranian agression. If however Iran decides to attack Israel, Israelis are confident in the ability of our leadership to protect us as best as possible.

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