A must-hear song about one of Israel’s most miraculous wars

by Michael Sax

Modern day miracles are something you don’t forget. So when the odds were heavily stacked against Israel, Israel’s victory in the 1967 Six Day War proved that God is watching out for the Jewish people.

Loose Translation of the Song

The smell of war envelops the young nation

Will we be able to stay in our Land?

Fear clouds over us like huge mushroom cloud

as they gather to destroy us

What is the answer?  What is the response?

The secret of our victory?


In just six amazing days

Guarding the Land of our forefathers

The Temple Mount is ours

We are not going anywhere!

In just six miraculous days we were saved

We showed the world

This is our Land

We are not going anywhere!


A voice of prophecy promised salvation

We saw the name of God upon us

The merit of the commandment of Tefillin

on the nation and the soldiers

fear enveloped our enemies

That is the secret of our victory!


The years have passed

Calls are still crying out

Why have you conquered those Lands?

But the Land is God’s Land

And he granted the Promised Land to us to build up


Miracles and The Six Day War

In 1967, Israel launched a preemptive strike to defend itself against 5 advancing arab armies. Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon all sent armies to attack Israel. With a total of 547,000 troops, they were well on their way to destroy Israel’s army of 264,000. The Arab armies had more than double the Israeli soldiers with better Soviet-produced military equipment!

Vehicle comparison

The Arab armies were ready with nearly a thousand combat aircraft and 2,500 tanks. The Israeli Defense Forces had about three hundred combat aircraft and eight hundred tanks. In every sense, the IDF was outnumbered and outgunned.

However, despite the odds, Israel prevailed. It was truly a miracle. In any other situation, a person would say, “It’s over, they’re gone”. Yet Jews have faith in God, and God saved Israel. The critical point here is that God doesn’t play by human rules. By our accounting, the odds are against Israel. Nonetheless, for God, who is all-powerful, the odds don’t have the same meaning as for us when we feel like all is lost.

Modern day miracle

In modern times, enemies attack Israel every day. Hamas terrorists attack from Gaza. They tunnel underneath to sneak up and kill. Yet Israel has found away to detect them. They also attack the border. Here too, Israel responds. There are countless terror attacks. As well, bloodthirsty extremist Muslims surround Israel and want to kill them. Despite all the threats, Israel survives. The IDF is fighting the odds, but the real source of victory is from God. We thank God for our survival. Additionally, we should be appreciative of all the miracles that happen every day. Our very existence is full of miracles.

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