Israeli hospitals give Kurdish children a chance at life

by Leah Rosenberg

The world wants to claim that Israel discriminates, but it is just not true. See the facts, and listen to the stories from real people who have been saved by Israel’s kindness in Israeli hospitals.

Kurdish Child Saved by Israel

Darian was born at just 33 weeks in Kurdistan. The doctors there said they could not save Darian from all the complications that resulted from his early birth. So where did they send him? To Israel. Because at Israeli hospitals, the doctors do not discriminate. Although many Kurds do not oppose Israel, the countries that surround Iraqi Kurdistan want Israel destroyed. Therefore, Darian’s mother wanted to conceal her face, fearful of the adverse reactions from Kurdistan’s hostile neighbors.

Medical Life in Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdistan is no place to receive medical treatment. They have an infant mortality rate that is 8 times higher than Israel and other western countries. Because of its continous financial crisis and the war with ISIS, many specialist doctors have had to leave every year since 2015. Consequently, many Kurdish children have had to turn to Israel for help.

Hospital 105

If you have never heard of this hospital, you might be wondering what is so unique about it. Once again, it is something Israel is doing to help those from other countries. The Civil War in Syria has been going on for years.  So where do Syrians turn to in order to survive? Israel. They are treated in Hospital 105 before being moved to other Israeli hospitals in Tiberias and Tzfat. When they are able to go back to Syria, they have to be brought back in a roundabout way so as not to let anyone know that they were being treated in Israel.

Israel continues to save the lives of those in enemy countries because that is what the Jewish country is all about. They have been and continue to be a light unto the nations.

Col. Kemp

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