The world blames Israel for Middle East chaos, but here are the facts

by Michael Sax

As Israel memorializes lost soldiers and marks 70 years of independence, Iran and its proxies are planning to destroy it. Get the latest report right from Mount Bental, Israel’s border near Syria.

Text – Mount Bental

Hi. This is Damon Rosen, director of American Truth Project. And I’m at Mount Bental at the Golan Heights – right along the Syrian border. And you can see right behind me is a United Nations observer post. I tried to ask the United Nations observers what was going on in the area here. They did not want to go on video answering anything. In fact, they told me that I was not allowed to video their outpost. And I said, “even though we’re on Israeli land?”

The United Nations responds

They said: This area, as long as the flag is up, this is the UN territory. Nobody can do nothing about it. See this? See a flag over there?

About Mount Bental’s History

Where we stand on Mount Bental right now, was a scene of bloody battles in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. In fact, Israel temporarily lost control of this ground. Just behind me is where the legendary Valley of Tears is. A handful of Israeli tanks held off many waves of dozens of Syrian tanks and basically saved Israel’s north.

Why am I bringing up the 1973 Yom Kippur wWr? Because Israel’s enemies have a habit of attacking us on holidays. Tuesday night was the eve of Yom Hazikaron, Memorial Day in Israel. It’s a very somber day. And immediately after that, it’s followed by Independence Day. So one leads right into the other because we realize that due to the sacrifices of those soldiers, we have an Independence Day to actually celebrate.

Israel represents less than 1% of the land mass in the Middle East. Yet somehow it is blamed for all the chaos. From Palestinian Authority leaders, to Basher al-Assad, to now even Russia blaming Israel for destabilization in the Middle East. The Middle East has been destabilized for hundreds and hundreds of years, way before the existence of the modern state of Israel.

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