Two Sons were Killed in Combat and She is a Powerhouse of Inspiration – Israel Memorial Day

by Shira Epstein

Today is Yom Hazikaron, Israel Memorial Day. We remember all of those who gave their lives for Israel and we continue to remember them year after year.

Meet Miriam Peretz

This morning, I lit the birthday candles on my son’s birthday cake. Tonight I lit a memorial candle to remember all the soldiers who lost their lives and to remember the victims of terrorist attacks. One flame of joy, another filled with sadness and tears.  Miriam Peretz’ message is vital. She lost her 2 sons in different battles. They were fighting to defend our beloved Israel. Unfortunately, Israel is such a small country that nearly everyone has a personal connection to someone who lost their lives for the sake of our country.

When I lit the memorial candle tonight, my thoughts went straight to my friend whose husband was murdered by a terrorist just before Passover. My mind then wondered to the other people who I personally knew or have a connection to who also lost their lives for the sake of country.

The meaning of Israel Memorial Day

The fact that Israel Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut) is the day straight after Israel Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron), is no mistake. This is how we must live. This is how we honor the people that gave their lives for the country. On Yom Hazikaron we grieve. We cry. We mourn. And then we raise the flag and celebrate. We celebrate the fact that we are in Israel. Our enemies who murdered our brothers ans sisters have not won. Their lives were not lost in vein. Yes, they were taken from this world too early. But we are the ones who can add to the meaning of their lives. We need to live as they wanted to live. The Jewish people need to be proud of Israel. We need to continue to build and strengthen Israel.

It is only in the merit of the fallen soldiers that I was able to light my son’s birthday candles this morning. It is in their merit that my little 5 year old went off to kindergarten and my 2 year old to nursery. My children will grow up remembering and thanking. It is because of these amazing righteous souls that we are able to call Israel our home.

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