12,000 people came together to celebrate Israel – and it is absolutely beautiful

by Leah Rosenberg

Independence Day is one of the biggest celebrations for Israel and for Jewish people all over the world. Maybe you understand what it’s all about, and maybe you don’t. But after seeing 12,000 people come together to sing for Israel’s 70th birthday, you’ll definitely FEEL what the day is all about.

Happy 70th Birthday, Israel

When a country is built off of the sweat and blood of its people, it’s a beautiful sight to see that nation comes together to celebrate. No judgments. Just people who want to sing for their beloved home. Have you ever seen anything like it before? A people who care so much about their country that they choose to honor it so greatly?

The Perfect Song for Independence Day

12,000 people singing together is powerful no matter what they sing. But when you add a perfect song to the mix, you are left feeling blown away. It’s chilling, and it’s surreal. “Al kol eileh,” “Over all of these,” is a stunning song by famous Israeli musician and songwriter Naomi Shemer. The song asks God to protect and bless everything. It is a song of hope. It is a prayer to God to bless the good and the bad, the honey and the bee sting. With Israel’s bumpy history, there is no better song to sing for 70 years of the Jewish people thriving and surviving through the good and the seemingly bad. God blesses Israel, and there is no other way for it to exist. Israel is a constant, living miracle.

Beautiful Lyrics

Some of the beautiful lyrics are below. (Courtesy of www.greatjewishmusic.com)

Over the honey and the thorn.
On the bitter and the sweet.
Over our infant daughter.
Grant your protection, Good Lord.
Guard over the little that I have.
Over the light and over the young ones.
Over the fruits that have not yet become ripe.
And over those that have already been harvested.
Please grant your protection for me on all of these things.
And on all that I love.
On the silence and on the tears.
And on this song.

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