Why 70 years looks so good on Israel

by Michael Sax

Happy birthday, Israel! It’s been an amazing 70 years and we can’t wait to celebrate. The future is looking very bright for Israel!

Returning to the Ancestral land

In the last 70 years, Israel has accomplished what no other nation has done. Israel won the War of Independence in 1948. Throughout the first few years of the State, Israel took in more than 1.5 million immigrants. Some of these were Jews who survived the Holocaust, and knew that Israel is their homeland. The Israelis were not to be dismayed by the apparently barren land. They worked in the challenging desert. Despite the difficult work, their efforts were successful and the desert began to bloom! Flowers and trees began to grow even in outlying desert areas, and Israelis built more towns. Despite the desert conditions, Israelis had made it bloom.

Building the land

Israel was a key player in the development of solar water heating. This invention does not use electricity. Rather the water tank is heated by solar power. The solar water heating solution saves a lot of money and helps save the environment. Today, solar water heaters are used in many countries around the world.

Israelis began to develop infrastructure. They built roads, pipelines and cities. Yet it didn’t stop there. Israel extended a warm hand to other nations. It helped them when they needed it. Israel’s accomplishments have been recognized internationally. The many Nobel Prizes prove it.

Returning to Jerusalem

Then in 1967, everything changed. After Arab nations started to reinforce their armies near the border with Israel, and closed the Straits of Tiran, Israel knew an attack as imminent. Hence, Israel led a defensive war. Despite being surrounded by much stronger and bigger Arab armies, the IDF won the war! Truly a miracle from God. As part of the battle, Israel fought Jordanian forces, who had occupied east Jerusalem after the British left pre-state Israel and handed it to the UN. The Jordanians were occupying east Jerusalem, the heart of the Jewish people and the capital of Israel since the times of Kind David. In 1967, the Jewish people reunified their capital city and mended a broken heart.

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