See Where the Prophet Isiah’s 2,700 Year Old Seal Was Found, Following his Footsteps in Ancient Jerusalem

by Avi Abelow

Join me and Western Wall tunnels tour guide Yisrael Rosenberg as we follow the footsteps of the Prophet Isiah. In the following video we are walking through ancient Jerusalem, outside the Southern walls of the Temple Mount!

As we prepare for the Passover holiday, I visited the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount. Why now? Because Passover is one of the three times of year that Jews traditionally visited Jerusalem when the Temple stood.

Walking in the Footsteps of the Bible

Ancient Jerusalem was the center of the Jewish world, the epicenter of our cultural and national existence. Passover was one of the three times of year that Jews from around the world used to come visit Jerusalem and the Temple. Still today, Jews, and non-Jews, from around the world come and visit Jerusalem during these three holidays.

Just recently, Israeli archeologists published an extremely rare and special find. In this exact location we are touring, they found a clay seal that has written on it “Isiah the Prophet”. While some people like to say that the Bible is not true, and just a book of stories. It is archeological findings like this seal, that prove that the Bible stories actually happened, and it is not just an ancient storybook.

Personally, it is so exciting to be walking in the footsteps of one of the Jewish prophets from the Bible!

Don’t miss the video tour of this special and holy place.


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