Famous Syrian actor admits on live TV how much he admires Hitler

by Avi Abelow

The anti-semitism that exists in the Arab-Muslim world is rampant. Watch this video of a Syrian actor publicly stating how much he admires Hitler.

Antisemitism in the Muslim World

Antisemitism around the world cannot be solved without also pointing out the antisemitism in the Muslim world.  Every single human being with a soul ought to abhor Hitler.  However, today in the Muslim world, tons of people still support Hitler’s ideology on the Jews. It is not like there are no Hitler supporters in Europe or America. However, one only has to look at newspapers and cartoons in the Arab press. The prevalence of antisemitism in the state and religious based culture is clear to see. One sees copies of the antisemitic motifs that Hitler and Goebbels created in the German press back in the days of the Holocaust. Educational materials in Muslim schools and television shows still abound with caricatures of Jews used by Hitler and Goebbels. Islam has a very serious problem with antisemitism.  Yet the world is silent.

The world should be repulsed by this. The antisemitism in the Muslim world should be getting headline attention at the antisemitism conference in Jerusalem. But it is not.

The Delegitimization of Jews by Other Religions

A global conference on antisemitism is going on right now in Jerusalem. This morning, religious leaders including a Muslim Imam and a Catholic representative of the Vatican held a discussion. An audience member, Aryeh Green, asked the Muslim and Catholic leaders a very important question.

As Green expresses “the delegitimization of the Jewish people, as a people, and our connection to our national homeland Israel, is one of the greatest sources of antisemitism in today’s world.” He then asks “when are the leaders of the Muslim world and the Vatican going to validate the legitimacy of the Jewish people and the recognition of Israel and its founding? Only when that happens will we be able to see real reconciliation and peace in the region.”

I couldn’t say it clearer myself.

Arab Incitement
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